Information in compliance with Art. 13 of Legislatibe Decree 196/2003
We hereby inform you that your personal information and data will be handled in the electronic and/or paper archives of Ortles s.r.l, in strict compliance with the measures laid down by the mentioned law.
We hereby guarantee that all data and information will be treated as strictly confidential and handled for the purpose to supply you with the requested information.

Fields with an asterisk (*) are required and must be filled in completely, otherwise it will be impossible for us to supply you with the detailed and correct information. Your personal data and information will be treated by our booking staff and will be cancelled at end of the season, unless a reservation had been done.

In order to make sure that this information is handled correctly, we ask you to inform us immediately of any changes to said data. The data and information handling as required by the above is of no prejudice to the rights granted to you by article 7 of the mentioned regulations.

Holder of the data processing is: Ortles s.r.l. via Meralda 19 – 23030 Santa Caterina Valfurva (So).